The Farm Next Door is a volunteer-run urban farm that provides accessible naturally grown produce to the local community.

Located on a regular house block in Norlane, the urban farm was a started as a collaboration between Norlane based Urban Seed, and Lachie Chomley, a Geelong local interested in farming communities and sustainability. Urban Seed, now known as Norlane Community Initiatives, is a community led place making organisation with the vision to create healthy, sustainable and inclusive neighbourhood. 

Lachie, after a confused conventional education in Environmental Studies, went travelling and spent 4 months with farming communities. This inspired him to bring something similar back to his home town – a place where people from the local area connect with each other over the sustainable production and distribution of healthy food. Lachie was soon joined by Joel Inei who moved into the farmhouse and brought a passion for farming systems and design. With the help of many others from Norlane and the wider Geelong community coming along to working bees, the Farm Next Door was established.

Since 2018, the farm has evolved, the core team has changed, and the community of volunteers has grown. But what has stayed the same is it’s a space not only where people can learn about and participate in growing their own food, but where neighbourhood bonds are strengthened with a sense of belonging and purpose. With more people involved, the urban farm is expanding into other backyards, and Norlane is transitioning into becoming a self-reliant and sustainable place to live.

You can support the Farm Next Door by coming along to the markets held every saturday from 10am – 12pm, or by buying produce online. Norlane locals will recieve a 50% off discount.

If you would like to help in the farm and learn some new skills, working bees are held every Tuesday from 2pm – 5pm. Volunteers are always welcome regardless of skill level or abilities. We are a social group as much as a work group, and love to meet new people from our area.



For more information on Norlane Community Initiatives, visit their site: